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Castillo JABUGO Rural House. Located in the heart of the chestnut grove, with privileged views of the Sierra. Perfect for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers. The house has 300 m2. Stone structure, Arabic tile roof, large windows, ecological heating and large living room with fireplace.

Castillo JABUGO Rural House. Located in the heart of the chestnut grove, where you can enjoy privileged views of the Sierra. This part of the farm adjoins the path that takes us to the towns of Aguafría, Santa Ana La Real and Alajar (a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and photographers), so you can enjoy good walks and hikes until the end in neighboring towns.

Old restored wattle, located in an enclave with magnificent views of the Sierra. The Castle has 300 m2 and preserves a large part of its thick stone structure. We highlight the Arabic tile roof, its large windows, the ecological heating and its large living room with fireplace.

With capacity for 12 people, the house has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a spacious living room (with fireplace) and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, it has 2 large terraces and a lawn area. In summer you can use the pool.

Interior equipment
The house has ecological heating (radiators fed by biofuel boiler and pellet fireplace),dishwasher, microwave, gas stove, complete kitchenware (pots, dishes, cutlery, pans ...) Plasma TV. On the upper floor you will find the laundry room with washing machine and dryer (only for stays of more than 5 nights).

The pool
One of the attractions of this house is that it has its own beautiful pool.
1.- For safety reasons: you cannot enter the pool with objects, bottles or crystal glasses.
2.- For hygiene: you cannot put your pet on the perimeter of the pool.
3.- Available only in summer.

Parking inside the farm, in front of the house.

1.- Savor the Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, made in the area. Simply ... unsurpassed.
2.- Enjoy the European area with the greatest diversity of mushrooms and fungi in Europe.
3.- Visit old mills (such as those of Zufre and Encinasola), where a delicious Olive Oil is still produced. Ecological olive.
4.- Take the opportunity to get to know the excellent wines of our region. They are wines with personality.
5.- Try the typical dishes in any of the many (and excellent) restaurants in the area.

Culture and history
We highlight the Route of Al-Mutamid (poet, musician and Arab King of Seville, who put value on this route). It runs between Lisbon and Seville, passing through mountain towns such as Aroche, Cortegana, Almonaster la Real and Aracena.

Without forget:
1.- Almonaster Mosque, erected in the reign of Abderramán III. Built on the remains of a Visigoth basilica (s-VI), it was finally converted into a hermitage.
2.- Cortegana Castle, current scene of medieval festivals. Built on Muslim remains. It seems that it was raised by the Order of the Temple.
3.- Aracena Castle, in the center of town (tip: in Aracena don't forget to visit the Gruta de las Maravillas).
4.- Aroche Castle, surrounded by a wall with 10 towers, all of them square (11th and 12th centuries).

The host
Hello, my name is Jesus. I have always been attracted to nature and dealing with people, so developing my career in Rural Houses, where I can get to know many of the clients and even become friends with some of them, is a dream come true. .

Talk later
German, Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Working Animals
On the farm there are sheep that maintain the fields and two mastiffs that guard the farm and take care of the sheep. They are calm animals, not aggressive at all, but they live and work freely. Keep this in mind, especially if you bring pets, as they are working animals and we cannot lock them up.